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Give Your Health A Hand. Reiki, The Healing Art That Every Soul Can Learn.

By Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann is a Master & Teacher of Reiki Healing, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line TherapyTM and an Ericksonian hypnotherapist. He has many years of professional experience as a Reiki practitioner, life coach and therapist.His earlier pursuits include a degree in Fine Arts and several years of working as a musician (drums and percussion).

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hand holding with the Reiki symbol
hand holding with the Reiki

Please could tell us what Reiki means?

Reiki is a unique system of energy healing. It is practised by transmitting spiritual healing energy, primarily through the hands.“Rei" means Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the Source;  “Ki" means Life Energy, Life Force.Put together, Reiki means Universal Life Energy, Spiritual Life Force, Cosmic Vitality.

What does it consist of?

In the introduction to his translation of the “Bhagavad Gita”, Juan Mascaro wrote “As the rational mind can see that all matter is energy, the spirit can see that all energy is love, and everything in creation can be a mathematical equation for the mind and a song of love for the soul.”So, for the rational mind, Reiki might consist of a range of friendly electro-magnetic frequencies, as well as bio-photonic and thermogenic processes in the body’s cells, whilst for the spirit, Reiki might be an expression of Divine Love, which nurtures and heals.

Usui Creator del Reiki AC3060Mikao Usui - Founder of Reiki

What are the benefits of Reiki? 

Reiki is an energetic nourishment. The Kanji character for “Ki” is made up of two parts, one meaning “cloud” or "ethereal” and the other meaning “rice”.  We could think of Reiki as “ethereal food” from a spiritual source.  It promotes relaxation, detoxification and a healthy overall balance within body, mind, soul and spirit.  When Reiki is being given and received, it fosters an awareness of the life force that connects us all and all life on Earth.For more details about the benefits, go to

Can anyone learn and practice Reiki?  Or do you need a special gift? 

When asked this question, one of my teachers, Tadao Yamaguchi, said that anyone who has a soul can learn Reiki.  The soul is the special gift. We could say that someone who is soulless cannot do Reiki. There could never be a Reiki machine.  

How did Reiki come into your life? Did Reiki improve your life? 

At the time, in the mid-nineties, I was looking for ways to improve my health and to overcome debilitating allergies that I had back then, in particular an allergy to house dust.  Someone mentioned Reiki to me and I gave it a go.  Within several months of taking my initial Reiki training, all my allergies disappeared.I remember people around me telling me that I seemed calmer and generally less worried about things.  I also remember feeling more connected to people, to plants in the park, to the sky, as if all were parts of "one bigger body" that I was a part of too.

Reiki Hands

Do you treat any physical and mental diseases? 

I treat people, not diseases.  I give Reiki to people to help them become healthier and happier, whatever their dis-ease may be at the time, whatever diagnosis they were given, whatever the medical narrative.

Could you give us one example of an amazing healing story?

Every healing is amazing.  For example, once you fully understand what happens when a cut heals or when you recover from a common cold, it blows your mind, it’s amazing.Here’s a case study that I’ve also mentioned in my book “Understanding Reiki”.  David came to see me because he had been suffering from sinusitis for years.  As a result he had lost his sense of smell and frequently suffered from headaches and low energy.  The initial energy scan revealed that not only his sinuses but also his stomach and intestines were energetically depleted.  After treating the face for 15 minutes, the headache went but the pain and blockage in the sinuses persisted.  I went on to treat key areas of his respiratory system and thereafter his stomach.  After five minutes of treating David’s stomach his sinuses began to clear and after ten more minutes on the abdomen, his pain had gone and he was able to breathe freely through his nose for the first time in years without the help of nasal sprays.I called David a week later and he reported that his sinuses had been fine and that his sense of smell had returned.  He came to see me for three more sessions and told me at the end of the course that even his eyesight had improved noticeably and that his self-confidence was restored.  A few months later, David enrolled on one of my Reiki Level One training courses.

Does healing sometimes mean death?

For the immortal soul perhaps, but obviously not for the body, which begins to decompose after death. To anyone who exclusively identifies with their physical body and who believes that their consciousness is merely a function of the brain, death does not appear to be a healing, but a defeat, total annihilation.  

Do we have to be scared of death?

It depends on what you think you are.  If I were to believe that all I am is a physical body, then I would be scared of death.But when I think of myself as an immortal soul fashioned from Divine Spirit, experiencing the physical world as only one stage of an infinite journey, then death wouldn’t have to be any more scary than changing clothes.

Do you think it is possible to live in a big city like London or New York and live a stress-free life?

I don’t think it’s possible to live a completely stress-free life anywhere, but I do think that we can become more resilient and resourceful in dealing with stress.  This is one of the reasons why I love Reiki.

Bali - Photo: Pierre Scordia

What would be your advice to someone who works in the City and has a very stressful life? Does he/she have to resign and go to India or Bali for a retreat?

I think going to India or Bali for a retreat is a wonderful idea.  And there are other options too, like Reiki and meditation, working a little less and spending more time with loved ones, slowing down a bit to enjoy all the small things that make up 95% of life.  It’s really not that difficult.

Is Reiki compatible with religious beliefs? 

From the point of view of Reiki, yes, it is compatible with any religious belief.  Reiki is not a religion and is not in competition with religion.  It’s a welcoming holistic therapy with spiritual aspirations that transcend religious dogma.

Now for a bit of politics: we’ve all seen the huge number of refugees and migrants coming to Germany and we’ve all been impressed by the warm welcome offered by the Chancellor and the German people. Do you think there has been a spiritual shift in your home country?

I don’t know how everybody in Germany feels about this situation, but I’m really proud of my friends and family there who are open-minded and open-hearted about it, willing to help the refugees.  Perhaps this is an indication of a spiritual shift.  It can be good fun too.  A few days ago, I spoke to a friend of mine who had just come home from playing football with a group of Syrian refugees on the village green.  He said he had a great time.

Apart from Reiki, what else do you do?

Apart from teaching Reiki and giving Reiki treatments, I offer sessions in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, life coaching and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.  I also teach meditation courses, mindfulness meditation as well as other approaches.

I know that you have a lovely daughter; are you positive about her future generation? 

Yes, I am positive about the future for her generation.  There are big challenges ahead, but I believe that there are good reasons for being hopeful.  I feel that more and more people are concerned about environmental and social issues and are prepared to take action.

Michael, where do you practice? 

In the City of London and in the historic city centre of Canterbury, Kent.

For details, please go to

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