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Why is MPI encouraging the world’s nations to merge into one single political entity?

The fundamental premise behind MPI is based on one undisputable fact: that we don’t feel secure in our world. Although human civilisation has attained the highest level of material comfort on record to date, armed conflicts, terrorist actions, environmental disasters, political and economic turmoil become increasingly threatening. As a matter of fact, as things stand today, the ongoing chain of events does not presage an improvement but rather points to higher risks of social fractures. We feel there is a threat of war in virtually every corner of this world with no single country or community immune.

Confronted with this challenging situation, we are inclined to point our finger at any easy scapegoat we can find instead of taking the trouble to identify the root of our problems. It’s so much easier to point a finger at a given individual, group, tribe, community, or even a natural or metaphysical phenomenon, as the source of our adversity rather than questioning the existing world political order set up in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Everything seemed mostly under control before rampant economic globalisation, enhanced by the global reach of data via the internet, unsettled the status quo. Failure to follow up this revolution by political and cultural integration has resulted in a state of chaos. No wonder we ask ourselves why everything around us smells of gun powder and why communities are so inclined to engage in conflict. The ruling elite seems to be superseded by the brutal reaction of the public: this is what the western press likes to call “the rise of populism”. We could also take this as a sign that the days of passive compliance to which the traditional ruling classes have been accustomed are now over. Thanks to social media the level of awareness of members of the public has increased dramatically. The internet revolution has not only produced billions more informed customers but also more aware citizens who are less and less inclined to listen to nonsense based on the so called superior understanding of the State. Instead of introducing more transparency to its actions and initiatives in order to insure a higher quality of communication with its constituencies, the ruling class keeps foolishly and short-sightedly attempting to condescend to or intimidate the latter.

Without a doubt, most people blindly pursue their own self-interest or that of their community. However, traditionally it was the leading elite’s function to come up with a political philosophy. People put their faith in the ability of their leaders to design political systems allowing individual or community needs to be addressed in an orderly and just manner. As such, there was a relationship based on trust between administrators and their constituencies. Global economics broke this trust. Indeed, in practically all countries of the world the merchandizing of politics took over the noble objective of pursuing the common national interest. Nowadays it seems as if the competence of politicians is no longer judged on their capacity to guarantee social cohesion; rather the growth of GNP and the scale of profits of blue chip businesses (labelled “national champions”) have become their priorities. The most successful modern politicians are no longer those helping others raise their standards but those who, in the never-ending race for profit, win at all costs. Our world has become one of winners and losers where interest in noble human values is dying. Intimidation and terror campaigns covertly organized by gangs, representing opposing private interests, with the aim of helping their cronies into positions of power, are becoming an all too common practice. The chaos has even had dramatic unexpected effects, feeding distrust between members of the ruling class itself. This situation is worsening day-by-day and jeopardizing the good governance of our planet. It has become urgent to take remedial action.

How? We suggest the time has come for us to consider political integration of the world’s States at a planetary scale as the only realistic option to bring to an end the present state of chaos. It is our core belief that the United Nations’ model has become obsolete. Mankind now needs to move towards a type of world organisation which, whilst allowing each nation to safeguard its native culture, will delegate the handling of affairs relevant to the superior interests of the human race to a confederal political entity. Without going so far as promoting the Helvetic confederal political system we believe the latter can be used as a primary source of inspiration. The objective is to place the supreme governance of the world in the hands of unique executive, legislative and judiciary bodies democratically elected by world citizens. As such, all nations will refer to their own governing national bodies except for matters of global interest which would be administered by a confederation. Certainly, we believe that this proposition is a good starting point and has merits worth debating. To wait and see is no longer a responsible attitude for the intellectuals that we like to consider ourselves. We must try to change the course of events for the better. The time is ripe to take action with MPI in order to plan a conceptual framework that facilitates the smooth transition from the current failing UN model towards the confederal style of organisation we envisage. We all have an interest in stopping the insane culture of greed that can lead to regrettable social unrest and crises putting in jeopardy the very prosperity that economic globalisation has brought us. Failure to develop a new global political philosophy risks all the progress so far achieved by mankind being annihilated. The next new crisis may be the drop of water that sinks the ship.

We believe our current major economic actors can play a key role in that regard if they become truly aware of the urgent need to rethink the world’s political order. This is why MPI turns to this group for support. For instance, if business models succeed on a global scale, and by so doing contribute to the prosperity of the human race, this may nonetheless involuntarily upset the global political balance which for the last 60 years has engendered peaceful coexistence between the world’s nations. By supporting us in our objective to promote a new world political order aimed at creating a durable and stable balance in our increasingly interconnected planet, the major global economic players will face up to their full responsibility. We hope they will hear MPI’s call.

MPI has been set up as a non-profit association in compliance with English laws. We at present include two founder members: Alain DARGAHI and Pierre SCORDIA. Our intention is not geared towards any partisan ambition nor commercial profit. In order to avoid any impression that we might expect a return on investment, we are not investing a penny of our personal monies in this cause. We see ourselves as pillars of the most orthodox and transparent methods of governance. Our end objective is to convince our fellow citizens of the world to grant to human life the status of an unconditional and absolute right, barring any individual or group of individuals to violate such a right under any pretext or in any capacity whatsoever. This is the first step towards a planet free of conflict and war.

MPI’s objective is not to accuse any specific individual or group as being the source of this dangerous state of affairs. We pursue our mission in the strictest neutrality towards political and economic players. We simply want to help reverse this alarming trend before it reaches a point of no return.

You can contact us at any time at We are open to your suggestions, observations and assistance whether you choose to join our movement as an active individual or member of an organization. With your support our aim is to first build our internet site and subsequently our headquarters. We aim to be a friendly listening ear. We believe in the power of responsible collective action. Our sole aim is stable world peace in which we can all feel safe in whichever country we happen to live. We sincerely hope global peace will drive all human energy and creativity, at present stifled by stress and anxiety, towards enlightened scientific and spiritual advancement thus opening new doors to boundless knowledge and progress, of benefit to all life on Earth. You are more than welcome to join our enterprise.

London, 15th February 2017.

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