An artificial island to support the world’s largest wind farm

TenneT, the operator of the Netherlands’ electric grid, has come up with an ambitious plan to build an artificial island in the middle of the North Sea that on completion would support the world’s largest wind farm.

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This fungus eats plastic - and it could save the planet

A team of researchers from Yale University’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, they had found within the Amazon rain forest a very interesting species of fungus that has the natural ability to break and devour polyurethane. With the world already having a devastating amount of 251 million tons of plastic that gets discarded every year, this kind of discovery opens a whole new world of potential.Read this article on The Spirit Science


Médecine chinoise : Ce que la colère ou la tristesse peuvent faire à votre corps

Saviez-vous que certains états d’humeur comme la colère ou la tristesse peuvent sérieusement affecter votre organisme ? En effet, selon la médecine chinoise, les émotions trop intenses peuvent causer plusieurs maladies. Voici comment les émotions peuvent affecter votre corps. Lire l'article publié dans Le Nouveau Paradigme

Probiotic Bacteria May Help Reduce Anxiety And Boost Memory Performance

There are 10 times more bacteria in the body than your own cells, so it makes sense that these organisms affect our bodies in profound ways, ways that we are still slowly unraveling. Once again showcasing the complexity of this relationship, researchers have found that certain probiotic bacteria might help alleviate anxiety and improve memory.Read the full article IFL SCIENCE!

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Nasa ixsenterprisenasa

Nouveau vaisseau spatial

La NASA travaille sur un vaisseau spatial capable de dépasser la vitesse de la lumière

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Transparent solar cells could turn your windows into power sources

A Michigan State University research team has finally created a truly transparent solar panel — a breakthrough that could soon usher in a world where windows, panes of glass, and even entire buildings could be used to generate solar energy.

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