Migrants – Messengers of Love and a Conduit for Light


Migrants - Messengers of Love and a Conduit for Light

By Tony J. SelimiAward-winning Author, Speaker, Human Behaviour & Cognitive Specialist, Leadership Coach, Business Success Consultant.

Migrants - Messengers of Love and a Conduit for Light

In this article I am going to shed some light on why we must awaken our hearts and look at migrants as messengers of love and conduits for more light and why the migration crisis experienced globally is an alarm that is ringing so loudly that we no longer can afford to pretend or ignore our involvement in creating it.

The failure of humanity to handle the recent refugees crisis, terror attacks, and eliminate poverty is echoing in the universe a strong message that shows us how far we have gone technologically but how lonely we have become in our hearts.

Syrian and many other refugee crisis as well as the increase in terrorist attacks around the globe is awakening those parts of our inner being that we have disowned, forgotten about, and are at the root cause of the destruction we experience in our outer reality.Daily, our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values consciously or subconsciously are projected in the collective consciousness contributing towards the world problems we love to judge, fear, and isolate from. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the truth is that we are all participating in co-creating the reality in which we find ourselves in, both the good and the bad.What happens is, most people accept the good, the reality that works is in their favor and supports their highest values, but if that reality is perceived as "bad", is not in their favor and challenges their highest values they disowned it and comfort themselves by judging others.

Thus, it is our collective thoughts, beliefs, and actions that become the cause for the migration effects we see in the headlines around the world. The deeper we look within ourselves, the faster we can come to the solution and the root cause of a very talked about issue faced by millions of people who are forcibly pushed to leave their homes, loved ones, and everything they know to seek safety and give themselves and their loved ones the chance of a better life.At some point in history every nation on the planet faced forced migration caused by two powerful forces, push and pull. I recently watched a program that put together people from all walks of life and were asked to do a DNA test that traced their ethnic origins. The results that followed shocked every participant. Those who had a charge on Muslim people had a percentage of muslin origin, those who had a charge against colored people they had a percentage of their DNA in themselves, and those who hated migrants also found out that their ancestors came from different parts of the world.What changed for all of the participants was their initial attitudes, their behaviors towards those they disliked, as well as the way in which after the DNA test they would perceive every person they will encounter in their daily life.

Believe it’s time for us to awaken the truth, the one that unites us all in our hearts. Acknowledge that we are one global consciousness, that our planet is not as a selection of small fragments called countries, but a home to us all capable to nurture billions of children. Nature has no way of creating countries, nationalities, or religious boundaries, we are part of nature, so why do we?

In this day of age, it is time for us to rethink our old ways of being, functioning, and doing business. Change how we operate beyond the artificial borders created by those very few individuals who are driven by power, control, and influence in the world so that we can create freely opportunities, relationships, and partnerships around the world. It is time for humanity to acknowledge the universal laws that govern all life and the intelligence embedded in every human being as a necessity for the survival of our species as go through the next stages of our evolution.For us to resolve the migrant crisis we must acknowledge the benefits of our collective actions that create the conditions for migration to happen. We must openly share how our economies benefit from the wars that are created in the homes of the migrants we love to blame, shame, and treat as criminals. In doing so, many people will awaken from living a one sided illusion that migration is bad for their country, economy, and their livelihood.We all know that in every coin there are two sides, but what seems to happen when adversity hits us that in every life situation there are also two sides, the good and the bad. The problem is that due to skewed media coverage, perceptions, and beliefs, one side of any life situation (coin) is heavily masked from people’s awareness. It is exactly this one sided way of observing every situation that leads to creating a mass fear that we witnessed in the Syrian, Afghanistan, Iraq, Former Yugoslavia as well as in the many other world refugee crisis.

At the age of nineteen I was forced to leave my birth country due to the atrocities of the civil war in the Former Yugoslavia. It was not my choice, it was not what I and many millions of people who lost their lives to fight our brothers, neighbours, and people we grew up with. It is a well known historical fact of the failures of world politicians as well as the United Nations during the Bosnian crisis.Twenty six years ago, on 20th of Sep 1990, I landed at Heathrow airport legally as a teenage victim of war, aspiring student, and a fearful immigrant with no home to go too. I had no money, I could barely speak English, I only had a rucksack that had my high school diploma, 200 Deutsche Marks my mother borrowed to save my life, and few clothes that in a rush my mum put together.Since that day many things have changed, I went on ever ending emotional roller coaster, and worked extremely hard to heal my wound, cope with what happened, and to get my life back on track. I have experienced the good and the bad of being a migrant in UK. I was equally accepted and rejected by the many people I encountered, from government institutions, recruitment agencies, employers, to people I socialized with. In fact, to describe the entire journey as a migrant in UK, the struggles with the Home Office, the physical, mental, and spiritual pain suffered, the rejections, comments, and bullying I had to put up requires for me to write an entire book devoted to this journey.

Whilst going through this pain, I also was supported by some amazing people that helped me on my journey to obtain my Engineering Degree with Management Studies from one of the top universities in UK, University College London. Those hardships also were the inspiration I needed to successfully climb the corporate ladder as an IT professional, and having forcefully being made redundant during the 2008/2009 financial crisis, I started my entrepreneurial journey that lead to me writing two award-winning-books and Amazon best-selling books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.Having worked as a sole trader and trying to make ends meet, in 2015 I grew my business to such level that inspired me to take the next steps and set up my own Company called TJS Cognition Ltd.This is a private research, education and service and value driven company dedicated to exploring & expanding the frontiers of human awareness and potential.

They say from greatest pain we give rise to our greatest creation. I now wake up daily feeling inspired to fulfill my heart driven mission to touch, change, and inspire the lives of one Billion People. To inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colours to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers of others. Through education, training, nurturing, and the right environment they build spiritual, mental, professional, financial, familial, social and physical awareness, and thus may more effectively and efficiently serve humanity by exemplifying elevated human potential.

Without ever receiving welfare or any kind of government support, I worked my way up through every personal, professional, health, financial, and spiritual challenge to be where I am today. Imagine what could be possible if every migrant, child, and adult were supported to heal their traumas, pains, and health challenges? If we helped those less fortunate to have access to a new education that expands their true potential, and if we saw those we fear as our messengers of light? What would our society look like?

Looking back at my life, I knew then that there was no way I would go back to a country where daily I was subjected to the sounds of snipers who were murdering innocent people just because they were of different ethnic origin or religious beliefs. I lived many years on drinking Red Bull, eat toast, beans, and when budget permitted I would buy eggs, cheese, yogurt and sometimes fresh fruit and veg. I had to work over 16 hours a day every day for me to pay for my living, full time education, and personal hygiene costs.

No matter what challenge came my way I told myself "no excuses", just work hard, be of service to everyone you encounter, and find ways to add value to the people that challenged me and the country that became my new home and what I back then I thought a temporary home.

Through every general election the immigration has always been a very hot topic. Media seems to show a bias towards the bad side of the immigrants and immigration and not fully acknowledge their contribution towards the UK's economy, how migrants fill in the skills gap, and cater for the aging population.Over and over again, I have seen how through every major UK election, including the recent Brexit vote, politicians, tabloids of major newspapers, and some TV stations use migration and migrants as a powerful tool that can easily manipulates peoples perceptions in order to win votes and make people make fear based decisions that influences a desired predetermined outcome.

As a proud British citizen, a migrant, and a humanist I believe that we have the skills, the knowledge, and the ability to be the leaders of EU who can create much stronger bond, opportunities, and a partnership with our European counterparts and the world that in long term will serve us all better at so many different levels. I believe in our ability to activate the switch that turns on the light that lives in every human being.

What I see with many people who either favour or fear migrants and want tighter border controls is that they operate either from fear that comes from a strong push force or from the trust created through a pull force.Those who look outwardly for a solution to their problems see migrants as a pull force, as people who come to take their jobs, drain to what I later found out “below average” social welfare system, and are the cause for our housing and health care crises.On the other hand, those who look inwardly for a solution to their lives problems see migrants as a push force that sends us messengers of love and light who are born through the hardship, the pain, and the destruction caused by war, and an effect of our collective choices.

People who see migrants through the eyes of a compassionate and grateful heart, do not feel threatened by migrants whose homes, economies, and lives are daily threatened to the point that they will risk all they have to reach the borders of a safe country in which they can rebuild their lives and secure the future of their children.

I believe with the right nurturing, environment, and education, migrants can become leaders, scientists, authors, and the positive contribution needed to create a more just, socially diverse, and culturally integrated thriving society.It is time for us all to take ownership of our own minds, thoughts, and beliefs that create a hostile view towards migrants, EU, and many of the global crisis that humanity faces.

The solution is not pointing out a finger towards migrants or blame migration, the solution is for us as a collective consciousness to move towards starting to ask a new set of question.

If we are going to tackle the root cause of migration crisis and come up with a sustainable solution, I can assure you that pulling out the EU is not going to do it, nor will our skewed beliefs, perceptions and attitudes.What if as a society we saw migrants as messengers of love and as conduits for more light? Imagine the shifts we can co-create if we change the way we look at migration crisis and migrants not only in the UK but also in the world. What positive shifts we could generate if we moved away from seeing migrants as a dark force that threatens our livelihoods, national identity, and embrace them as our teachers and a light that shines our path? Migration for sure has both the positive and negative effects in every layer of our society. What we must remember also is that what we give our focus on is what creates the reality in which we either blame migrants for the problems we create or we praise them for their contribution and embrace their gifts. If the latter is true, we nurture them, accept them, give them education, and the skills needed to help them shine their light that in turn inspires others into positive action.

An Oxford Economics research study published by the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) concluded that migrant workers had helped maintain an adequate labour supply to fuel the 2004–2008 economic boom. The availability of migrant labour seems to have made the difference between some businesses surviving, or in the case of food processing, not needing to relocate production abroad.Migration also has the potential for bringing peoples together culturally but friction occurs if efforts are not made to dispel the myths held by people who do not see the full picture of the cause and the effects of migration. It is also essential for the government, media, and migrant support organizations to provide accurate information about the migrants positive contribution in the society, role models, entrepreneurs, and leader such as our Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.Where the economic preconditions exist, migration is inevitable. When people try to prevent immigration it just goes underground creating even bigger problems that at some point get out of control which we can see it with the recent Syrian refugee crisis.

Comprehensive immigration reform is needed, though not at the price of a human life. Whilst we continue to ignore what we as a collective consciousness create we will not be able to achieve a sustainable solution for ongoing migration crisis that are only going to continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

We are great at talking the talk, where we as a society fail is walking the talk. We all are beings of love and light, until we learn to see everyone as such, we will be imprisoned in the illusions created by our lower mind and controlled by unfounded fear. Thank you for your time in reading this article, if it inspired you, leave your valuable comments, and do not forget to share it with those that may benefit from it.Love and Wisdom.

Tony Selimi is the author of A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness

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